• Your Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle.

    Insole trainer to correct your posture and walking habits. stappone fits in your shoes and analyses your activity.

    It's fast, habit building, and it works.

    • Fixes your posture
    • Trains muscles to work efficiently
    • Prevents fatigue
    • Fights back pain

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  • Adjusts To Your Style

    The first insole to adapt entirely to your activity


    Innovative, textile sensors track your every move


    Advanced technology analyses your activity and detects harmful habits


    A user-friendly app helps you build healthy habits

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  • What You'll Get

    Stay Active

    You don't have to take time out of your day in order to be active. stappone helps you do it on the go!

    Release Pressure

    It's amazing how much stress bad posture and sitting habits can cause. stappone helps you get rid of those nasty stress hormones

    Sleep Better

    Less stress during the evening and more activity during the day means a better, rejuvenating sleep during the night

    Increase Productivity

    Being active, relaxed, and alert leads to boosted productivity. That's exactly what stappone is for

    Feel Awesome

    Feel awesome, be awesome, inspire awesomeness in others. That's a mission statement!



    Here's how stappone is different:

    Support that actually helps

    Slight deformities in the foot and bad walking habits are one of the main causes for back and posture problems. Created together with a licensed podiatrist, stappone easily detects gait and posture disorders and actually helps fix them.

    Flexible and personally adaptive

    stappone gets to know you. It utilizes GPS tracking, pressure sensors, and accelerometers to measure your unique activity patterns, it knows how to detect anomalies and posture irregularities, and it lets you know what you can do about them.

    Developed by true professionals

    A leading professional podiatrist, skilled programmers, and fitness experts worked together with leading universities in the sports medicine field and tech companies to create the best everyday insole possible

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  • How Does It Work?



    Input your weight before inserting stappone insoles into your shoes for the first time. That's it.


    Be Yourself

    stappone can detect whether your walking, running, standing, sitting, cycling, driving, or walking up or down stairs. So just be yourself - stappone will do the thinking for you.


    Get Results

    stappone uses GPS tracking, pressure sensors, and accelerometers to measure your unique activity patterns. It knows to detect anomalies such as flatfoot and clawfoot, as well as posture irregularities.


    Tailor-Made Advice

    Based on your unique activity assessment, stappone will recommend specific activities or motions to help you correct your posture or walking style.


    Feel Better

    stappone records and analyses your activity over time, allowing you and your doctor to understand how to help you better. Download and present stappone's information to your doctor for a better diagnosis.

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